Four years ago today, my mom passed away. She suffered from a heart attack, leading to organ failure. If you knew my mom, you know that she had lupus and loved to teach her special education kids and go to baseball games. She lit up every room and wanted the best for everyone around her. Inspira TLB, it’s mission and merchandise is immensely inspired by my mom, her fight with lupus, the cheerful soul she brought to many., and her legacy of love. Today in her honor, we launch to Barb’s Legacy Collection. Within this collection you will find three specific products in development since the “caterpillar and chrysalis” phases of Inspira. It is not by accident that all the meticulous changes, embroidered logos, and adjustable features synergized just in time to launch in honor of her for her  life and legacy. I hope you all love each product just as I know my mom would! Cheers to you, momma. We will continue to help fight for a cure for lupus and strive to brighten the souls around us.

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