Five Inspiring Self-Care Ideas

Are you in need of more self-care? Do you have days where your mood is a little down? When I have a day that is not my best, I pick my favorite self-care practice and dedicate the morning to that. Turn to self-care to lift your mood! Sometimes you have to be selfish and spoil yourself! My hope is these five self-care ideas inspire you to make time for yourself. Don't feel guilty for making yourself a priority. 


Go for a walk

My go-to self-care is going for a walk outside; I pick my favorite local towpath to clear my mind, reset and get some fresh air. It helps to put your notifications on mute and enjoy your walk! If your brain wonders and you can't focus on putting one foot in front of the other, you can always phone a friend, but to keep it to self-care, I suggest you put on one of your favorite podcasts and listen while you walk.


Go get your nails done

If you aren't in the mood for a walk, another form of self-care can be getting your nails done. Pampering yourself can help be a great stress reliever as well. Getting pampered can also help you feel much better. Pick your favorite color and let someone pamper you!


Epsom salt bath

Did you know Epsom salt is excellent for your body? An Epsom salt bath consists of natural salts, combined with warm water, which break down into magnesium and sulfate. Soaking in warm water with salt is a great way to detox your body from negative energy and relax your muscles and joints. When you feel like you're in extra need of relaxation or decompressing, a nice warm Epsom salt bath may be the cure to this feeling! My favorite Epsom salt uses lavender-scented bath salts, and then I add a few drops of lavender essential oils for the added scents. When you finish your bath, you will feel refreshed and relaxed. Detox and relax in an Epsom salt bath!


Read a book

Another self-care idea is to pick up a good book. If you like romance novels or biography, it does not matter, pick them up and start reading. Focus and get lost in the words so you can detach from your anxious thoughts. A good romance novel always does the trick for me. Don't forget to get cozy or find a quiet spot before you open your book and start reading. I like to pick my favorite place on the couch and cozy up with a warm blanket. I can read for hours before bed, but if reading in the morning or the afternoon works best for you, stick to what works for your lifestyle! Click here for a list of top-rated books.


Random act of kindness 

The last self-care idea is to do a random act of kindness. It can be a small or big gesture. Being kind can go a long way; you can #INSPIRE the person next to you and be an influence of #INSPIRAtion to those around you. You can help uplift the person next to you, allowing them to feel appreciated. It can be as simple as buying the person's coffee behind you in the Starbucks line. Or you could make some cookies and drop them off at a neighbors house. My favorite act of kindness is when my friends and I get together during the holiday season and bake tons of cookies for the nurses at our local hospital. We started it during the pandemic to thank you for being on the front line, but we are continuing it for a second year this year to keep the tradition going! The nurses always appreciate a thank you! Acts of kindness do not have a price tag next to them and are almost always appreciated!

I hope this blog inspires you to make yourself a priority! The littlest self-care act can make the most significant impact on your day! You can always do multiple of these, and you can even do them simultaneously. You can read your favorite book while soaking in an Epsom salt bath.


Written by Madison Scott and Rachel Clare Weiss



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