Why a butterfly?

The butterfly is special to me for many reasons, which is why it is Inspira’s symbol. Not only does the butterfly represent lupus, it also symbolizes a mother’s love and my metamorphosis.

While going to take a photo in front of Kleinfeld after just learning I would be interning there, two butterflies landed on my heart, flew back up, and came back down.  I knew my mom was telling me how proud she was, that I am right where I needed to be, and to keep pushing forward.  The energy and love in that moment was indescribable and comforting.  Fast forward some months later, before my interview to intern at Vera Wang, the last page I flipped to in Vera Wang Weddings was the most beautiful, bright, and unique mural of butterflies.  Even though I felt I didn’t do so great in my interview, I had an inner peace about it…and months later, I would be interning there.

After many butterflies flitting past me throughout my daily runs and commutes in the city, I feel my mother’s presence. When I see a butterfly, I know it is not by accident. Sometimes I have to figure out what it means, and usually, that’s the most exciting part for me. To some it’s frightening but to me it’s beautiful, I think to myself often, “What’s my mom trying to tell me?”

Butterflies have signaled life-changing moments for me, as I have continued to grow throughout my own metamorphosis. We hope the Inspira butterfly becomes a symbol you cherish.