Fall In Love With Inspira

Fall In Love With Inspira

The season of love is officially upon us! Every year we celebrate our love for one another through chocolates and flowers, dinners out, and spending time with our significant other. We associate the colors red and pink to this holiday and decorate everything with tiny little hearts. This year, I findmyself wearing Inspira’s fuchsia pink empower bodysuit to help celebrate this beautiful holiday!

When I found out Rachel was launching new products for Inspira, one of which was going to be a bodysuit, I was over the moon! I absolutely love wearing bodysuits due to their comfiness and convenience, as well as how easy they are to style! Now keep in mind, I am by no means a pink kind of girl; it is probably one of my least favorite colors. BUT. When I first looked at the fuchsia pink color Rachel had created for the empower bodysuit, I was immediately in love with it!

The bodysuit was probably my favorite gift I received at Christmas and I wear it all the time! I absolutely love to style it with a pair of comfy jeans, and a cardigan sweater or some kind of cover-up! The pink color is so vibrant and beautiful, and the material is indescribable. It is so soft and stretches to fit my form so well. As a bigger girl, it can be a challenge to find cute clothes that fit me, but this is for sure one of my rare favorite finds!

So ladies, whether or not you will receive a gift from a significant other this holiday, treat yourself to one of Inspira’sempower bodysuits! The material is good quality, the business supports a great cause, and you deserve to show yourself some love as well! This bodysuit will make you feel comfortable, confident, and is one of the best ways to celebrate this season of love!

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