Who We Are

The name INSPIRA is rooted in the word INSPIRAtion. We at Inspira believe that each person is an inspiration whether they know it or not, and we want to allow our customers to feel even more encouraged to impact the world around them. 

We firmly believe that all women are strong, sexy, and have limitless ability.  With activewear for all women and a mission attached, Inspira aspires to transform the way women feel from the outside in…and the inside out.

As the Founder, I have always had a love for fitness, a passion for helping others, and the desire to create innovative fitness apparel while building a supportive community.  With these qualities and principles, I've been blessed enough to create my dream brand which strives daily to build up women, and show them that they are bold, beautiful, and beyond enough.  This is why Inspira makes high-quality athleisure focused on empowering individuals of all ethnicities, cultures, shapes, sizes, and lifestyles.  My passion for others runs deep and is at the very core of who we are and what Inspira is.  I believe that the positive energy of one person can be a catalyst to so many others, making that one person an INSPIRAtion.

While these are my and our values, that's not where Inspira stops. Lupus prevention and research is a topic very near to my heart as my beloved mother fought Lupus since the age of 20 and succumbed to it before she turned 49.  Additionally, my Aunt Linda is currently fighting Lupus every day, along with many other strong women around the globe.  Furthermore, my genes are positive for Lupus and I could be diagnosed at any time. My hope and goal is to help find a cure for Lupus through my professional brand and personal efforts. That is why Inspira donates a portion of its sales to the Lupus Foundation of America. With your support and efforts, we are moving one step closer to finding a cure each and every day. - Rachel Clare Weiss