BTS of the STRENGTH Photoshoot

BTS of the STRENGTH Photoshoot

Our STRENGTH Photoshoot is our first photo shoot for a collection that has been a total team effort (including Ali, myself, and our intern, Deana) and tremendously collaborative. During our weekly meeting, I showed Deana the samples of our strength collection, the pieces that we were going to push through as products; she felt inspired to dive headfirst and have her boyfriend, Shaq, a photographer, photograph this collection while she reached out to her friends to model with her. She asked me confidently if she could direct this photo shoot. I was impressed and couldn't wait to run the idea by Ali, our Marketing Director.

I ran the idea by Ali, and she was all in for it. We both loved it! Ali completed a very spring, joyful, trendy, and colorful mood board for Deana to go off to stay on brand, and I shipped the products out to Deana that week. The products, her friendships, and Ali's mood board were the perfect companions for Deana to crush it.

Looking back at the photos, Shaq said it perfectly, "the ultimate activewear for women who believe in themselves" and "devoted to women empowerment and lupus research."

I love how each woman (Natasha, Deana, Nikki, Masi, Tess, and Sage) owned their true self in these photos, and you can see their powerful optimistic souls shine in every form of these pieces designed to make one feel. I am so proud of Deana and her friends for this photo shoot; it brings me so much joy!
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