904 Pop-Up Shop 07.31.22

904 Pop-Up Shop 07.31.22

Thank you all for supporting us at the 904 Pop-Up Shop!

It was such a wonderful day, blessed with great weather, and it was so lovely to meet so many of you. Speaking of meeting many of you, I wanted to share two specific interactions at our booth.

The first interaction was with a woman who came up to me because she saw our jar that says "Donations for the Lupus Foundation of America." She immediately said, "oh my gosh, Lupus!" I responded, "yes!" She proceeded to tell me that her mom passed away from Lupus, and of course, I could not help but relate to an extent because my mom had Lupus as well, though she did not pass away from it. I gave her the background of Inspira, why the brand is what it is today, and why we're striving for the mission that we're on. She was taken back and expressed her love for butterflies. I then told her how much I do as well. I went a little in-depth about how I believe my mom came back as a butterfly and guided me through life as one. It was such a humbling interaction. It made me so thankful for everything that we do have, even if we don't have our moms both physically with us here right now.

The second interaction was with a teenage boy. He immediately said, "oh my gosh, every time I see a butterfly, I feel so inspired." I replied in awe, "oh my gosh, you don't say." I proceeded to explain Inspira, and it was touching to hear him talk about it no matter if he is feeling down or at his happiest; when he sees a butterfly, it makes his mood so much better. Our interaction was just as moving as the first. Not only is it the mission that we are on, but the fact that we can hear people say that they feel powerful, purposeful, and bold, made me so happy. To know they left that day feeling inspired and worthy made me inspired. I had to share.

I cannot thank each person enough who came up, said hi, shined their light, tried on products, or even simply smiled!

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