Feel Good, Fit Good @momsofpeloton

Feel Good, Fit Good @momsofpeloton

Back in January, a former Inspira intern, Deana, was working in the Peloton store while Melissa (also known as @momsofpeloton) was shopping, and Deana advised her to check out Inspira.

Ironically, out of all dates, I reached out to Melissa on my mom's anniversary, January 5th. I thanked her for following our account and was excited to send her some of our best sellers, hoping the items would help make her lifestyle seamless and that she would feel so good in Inspira!

Melissa said, "Usually, someone telling me to go check out a company would go in one ear and out the other; however, something in me went through and followed our Instagram account." I sent her a little care package that she loved. Loved is genuinely an understatement in the most humble way. She truly made my whole month. 

To quote her, "I'm in love with everything and have sensory issues with fit; they're like butter!!!! "Joggers are a great length, everything was true to size, sports bras fit my chest (36 DD), and the lightweight jacket is stylish yet perfect for a run." These are like butter, fit so well, and feel sgood. I just want more." 

Melissa, you inspire your robust community, and I look forward to watching you positively impact your community in your gear. You are such a sweet soul, and I'm so glad Deana connected us. 

If you haven't followed @momsofpeloton, this is your sign that you should. She is so powerful, beautiful, and bubbly!

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