Happy Anniversary, Inspira: The Lifestyle Brand

Happy Anniversary, Inspira: The Lifestyle Brand

If you made it here, chances are you follow our socials, are signed up for our newsletter, or have heard about us and I wanted to thank you! Yes, you!! Today we’re celebrating 2 years of Inspira: The Lifestyle Brand, and to celebrate, we have brought you our STELLAR Collection. A collection that includes pieces you can style for your every day lifestyle. 

2 years ago, I was up until 5 AM preparing to launch our website for 10 AM launch. I was so excited that at 10 AM on November 5th, Inspira: The Lifestyle Brand would be the beginning of a lifestyle brand that empowers women, lifts up the person next to you, and helps fight for a cure for Lupus. Lupus is so near to my heart as my mom passed of organ failure and my genes are positive for Lupus. 2 years later and within the past 30 days I have officially transitioned to operating Inspira TLB full-time with a part-time job. 

Through the past 2+ years, it has been incredible to learn what women feel confident in, how I can help them feel and perform their best through athleisure & accessories, join an army to fight for a cure for Lupus, and share stories with others who have such an impactful connection with the symbol and presence of a butterfly. I will continue to strive to strengthen each of those areas.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to each person who has supported me, my team (Ali Gamiere, and every intern), and Lupus. 2 years wouldn’t be possible without each of your support. I cannot thank you enough!!! 

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