Inspira TLB X NOVA Dance and Wellness Academy

Inspira TLB X NOVA Dance and Wellness Academy

We're so excited to announce that you can finally shop our exclusive NOVA Dance & Wellness Academy X Inspira TLB collection in Nova, in Jacksonville Beach, Florida!

Aubrey, the Founder of NOVA, and I met through a very close customer in August 2022. As if it was yesterday, I remember telling Aubrey the background behind Inspira; she felt our products and believed in nearly all aspects behind Inspira. She showed me her business plan and the exciting details, which are now artistically displayed, incorporated and felt at NOVA. She is a believer, and so am I; from purposeful conversations in August, I was pleased to collaborate with her; it felt divine and a part of God's plan.

We met several times to discuss colors and styles, given what I already have in my current inventory. One of my favorite memories from this process is shown below; it was my first time meeting the interior designers and construction buildout team. Witnessing the hard work of building a studio as luxurious and modern as a NOVA is genuinely inspiring.

Aubrey holding ITLB X NOVA merch

Once we figured out the colors and styles that would best suit many shapes and sizes entering the doors in NOVA and the colors that would complement colors like pewter and beige, I began putting the NOVA Dancer logos into production while the buildout was finishing.

Finally, one week before the grand opening weekend, all items were complete and turned out perfect. I couldn't wait to show them to Aubrey and her team. She said they were "INCREDIBLE."

Five days before the grand opening, I dropped off the products, and NOVA put the final touches on the merchandising to flatter the other merchandise on the shelves. I'd never seen our product to this multitude in an area before.

Once the doors opened on Sunday morning, observing people touch, feel, and show emotions excited for this collaboration, I can only help but appreciate this one and thank everyone involved.

I have been pinching myself because I've been praying on this for SO long, and now it's here! The little athlete in me can't help but think of all the years of wearing iconic Nike, Adidas, or Lululemon with my team on it. But, this time, it's my brand inspiring others in this new gorgeous space. I hope every person enjoys these pieces just as much as I have enjoyed collaborating with Aubrey to make them perfect for you!!

Inspira TLB X NOVA is available at NOVA Dance and Wellness Academy!


NOVA logo on TRANQUILITY Tank Top in Sage Green

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