Inspira x Hannah Rowen Fry

Inspira x Hannah Rowen Fry

I first came across Inspira at a local yoga and dance studio. I’m not usually too picky about my workout clothes, but something about the tanks displayed here was different. Simple. Secure. Non-judgemental. I didn’t know I could view a rack of clothing as non-judgemental, but somehow it was! 

Then, once I felt the fabric and tried on a tank, I realized why. It was evident that these clothes were made by women, for women. 

My first piece was the TRANQUILITY Tank Top. I bought it to wear while I practiced yoga, but it soon became exactly what the brand promised it would–part of my lifestyle. Still today it’s one of my favorite tops for my daily life: running errands, going for a walk, and even just around the house. It’s cute, supportive without being constricting, and makes me feel confident without putting any effort in. 

After this first piece, I was hooked! I could write more about why I love the clothes, but I know once you add a piece to your collection, you’ll be hooked, too! So instead, let me tell you about why I love the brand. 

Inspira’s mission says it all: “We at Inspira believe that each person is an inspiration whether they know it or not, and we want to allow our customers to feel even more encouraged to impact the world around them.” This isn’t just a frilly statement or an empty hope. Being founded by a woman, the brand knows and understands the impact women have on their families, communities, and the world. Creating a space where women can show up authentically, embrace who they are, focus more on their impact, and look and feel good doing it is at the heart of everything Inspira does! 

It’s not just a clothing line, it’s a community. 

It’s not just a brand, it’s a place where all bodies are celebrated. 

It’s not just something you buy, it’s a purchase you can be proud of. 

From one woman to another, let’s recognize our impact and be inspired!


By: Hannah Rowen Fry


Hannah Rowen Fry is a writer and speaker passionate about helping people live into their God-purpose. Her thoughtful reflections on Scripture invite those who feel overwhelmed to slow down, choose simplicity, and experience greater joy in the present moment. Read more about Hannah and her work at

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