Walk To End Lupus Now Chicago, IL & Jacksonville, FL

Walk To End Lupus Now Chicago, IL & Jacksonville, FL

Within the past month, I was honored to be invited by the Lupus Foundation of America to pop up at the Walk To End Lupus Now in Chicago, IL, and Jacksonville, FL.

This walk means so much to me not only because it was the one that I would go to growing up with my mom, my aunt, and my grandma, but because being back in my roots with my passion, honestly, nothing can exceed how incredible it felt to be at the walk with Inspira.

I made four different designs of custom shirts, and 23% of the proceeds went directly to the Lupus Foundation of America. Within 2 hours, I sold out of every shirt and was humbled to see every individual who purchased one smile so big and be so excited to wear an item that promoted Lupus and the fight against it.

With all the teams that participated and over 500 walkers on the 23rd, we raised $124,000! There is so much to be proud of!

There is so much behind in Inspira, and our mission is to help fight to find a cure. These two weekends combined, I felt closer than ever to my mom and us as a community finding a cure together. What can happen when the Lupus community comes together in Chicago and Jacksonville is truly remarkable.

Thank you so much for inviting me, Joan, the Director of Development for the Lupus Foundation of America, and Stephanie Litchfield, for connecting us and ultimately allowing this to happen. I am so grateful and look forward to future events where I can help in the fight.
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