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How Are You Doing? Are You Blooming?

After every winter comes to bloom, it is supreme to check in on yourself with the most welcoming season upon us! How are your mind, your body, and your soul? How are your goals coming along? You know the ones most set in January. Are you blooming? Are you hitting your goals? Is it time to recommit to your goals? Are you checking in on your neighbors? Are you listening to your body and giving your body the necessary nutrients it needs?

A lot has happened since January; some goals may have changed, new thoughts may have arrived that decisively can be put into further plans. Mental health has changed as well, some for the better, and some not as much. What better way to welcome the season of all that blooms than to remind you to check in on you and make sure you’re doing well! With that said, we came up with four essentials that you can use to check in with yourself or your neighbors. It is vital to make sure that you’re ultimately staying the course, holding yourself or others accountable, and positively feeding your soul daily.

  1. Identify your need(s).

Are you stuck? Are you waiting for the 1st in the new month to come so that you can tell yourself the time is now? Instead of waiting, here is your sign, start NOW! Identify your need. Identify if you’re stuck. Do you need guidance or extra time potentially to attain a goal? It all begins with identifying your demand, then adjusting the necessary steps to reach that goal; then, you’re ready to take action on that plan.

  1. Set specific goals.

When you write down your goal, make sure to include how you’re going to get to it. When do you plan on getting to it? Does it align with your core values? Will you reward yourself after you accomplish your goal? Will you be reaching for this goal by yourself or with someone else? Making a goal as realistic as possible helps to make your goal that much more attainable. When you do not develop a plan to reach an outcome, it can be easier said than done. The more specific you can make a goal, the better you will set yourself up for it! Set a time, the actions you will take, and a deadline to achieve your goal. Be disciplined. Maybe develop a healthy habit routine, and stay consistent! Consistency is proven to lead to positive results!!

  1. Stay inspired and empowered!

Whether this is through a daily routine, a podcast a day, or surrounding yourself with positive people, it is essential to stay inspired and motivated. If your daily regime is excellent, but you feel like you are short of inspiration and motivation at times, maybe include a podcast to help educate yourself daily or weekly. Maybe follow someone who embodies the career path you’re on or the lifestyle you’re striving to live. Maybe bring in a mentor or talk to someone you look up to more often than you already talk to them. You become more like those with who you surround yourself. Make sure you’re surrounding yourself with those of similar values, ambitions, goals, and spirits as yours! You can also follow us on our social media platforms to read inspirational content weekly!

  1. Listen to your mind, body, and soul.

Commit to taking care of yourself and listen to what your body needs. Sometimes taking a step away from the computer, opening up a book instead of working an extra hour; taking an “off day” from the gym; helps your mind, body, and soul to come back that much stronger. Ultimately bring you that much closer to reaching your goal(s) than you were without listening to what your body needs. Being aware of when you need to put work away for the day helps you avoid burnout and increase your productivity when you come back to what you were “spinning your wheels” instead of being productive.

Along with these four essentials, it is essential to check in on your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health. Be honest with yourself, and remember that it is okay to seek assistance or guidance when you feel you need to. Each of these four essentials + honest self-evaluations can help you reach goals that God set out for you to get!

Holding ourselves accountable and making sure we’re taking the appropriate steps to reach goals are so important. Identify your goals, make a plan to get them, nurture them accordingly, adjust if needed or seek external resources to help strengthen your goals, and take action on your plans!! Stay inspired; remember that sometimes stepping away can help you to come back stronger. Remember to remind yourself of your goals; it will help you to stay consistent. Don’t forget to reward yourself after accomplishing your goals!

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