Five Years Too Long

Five years ago, on the morning of January 5th 2018, my mom's heart attack led to organ failure. Every so often, especially on my mom's heavenly anniversary, it feels as if it was yesterday when she gained her angel wings.

If you're new to our Inspira Tlb community, first, thank you for joining us on such a special day, and if you've been apart of our community, thank you for your constant support; I wouldn't be writing this without any of your support and love.

In June of 2020, I began drafting all things Inspira: The Lifestyle Brand, and half of the INSPIRAtion behind it is my mom's fight with Lupus for half her life (diagnosed at 21). In her 40s, her death ultimately came down to her organs which her Lupus affected immensely. After she passed, I believe her spirit was introduced as a butterfly to guide me in the most comfortable form. Our logo is inspired by my moms spirit guiding me as a butterfly. Many believe it's ironic that not long after I made our logo the symbolic butterfly, it aligned with the "butterfly rash," which is one of the most common flares and symptoms for Lupus warriors.
For today only, 50% of all proceeds with be donated to the Lupus Foundation of America

About a year after she started to guide me with her spirit, I had blood work performed, the results tested positive for Lupus in my genes. I take precaution and stay aware of Lupus symptoms because I hope to I am never diagnosed.

With that said, for today only, January 5th, in honor and loving memory of my mom, Inspira Tlb will be donating 50% of all proceeds to Lupus research. My hopes are that one day, no one will suffer from this impactful autoimmune disease, and that no child has to lose their mom in the same form.

After you read this, I hope you're inspired to empower the person next to you with the utmost positivity; I know my mom would.

Together we can help fight to end Lupus.

I appreciate you all so much.
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