Lupus Awareness Month 2024

May is Lupus Awareness Month, and every year, I love to kick it off by sharing the massive part of our mission here at Inspira. 
In 2018, my mom passed from a heart attack that led to organ failure, and I genuinely believe that if she did not have Lupus, she would've survived the heart attack. Also, I have positive genes for Lupus and could be diagnosed at any time; my hope is never to be diagnosed, and I do my best to stay as healthy as possible to prevent any diagnosis. 
My mom was the strongest, most loving, and down-to-earth woman I have ever known. She was so selfless and so caring; I hope that nobody ever has to lose their mom the same way I lost mine. 
During Lupus Awareness Month, follow along on our Instagram as I will highlight Lupus Warriors to spread awareness about Lupus. I will donate 5% of net proceeds to lupus research for May. Together, we are one step closer to fighting for a cure.
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